Hey sis! I'm Heather, and I'm just trying to live like I'm saved.

Where Could You Use Some Company?

In my blog...

You'll get all that the Lord has worked in my life and my heart, so pretty much anything you could imagine! Whether you're single, married, or go by mommy to your babies, I promise there is something for you. My intention for this space is to be authentic, honest, and transparent, because we are not meant to having shining and smiling faces 24/7, and I want you to embrace that freedom.

So, I'm going to vent, because who doesn't need to let it all out? I will share strong, firm opinions because not only do I walk confidently in truth, but I have walked through REAL, hard, nitty gritty life that I want women to know does not make you a failure, or less than enough. We are here for encouragement when life feels impossible. We are here from different walks of life, with different gifts and strengths, to sharpen and refine one another back into the image we were designed for. 

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